Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hate in Haiti

The world is waiting to see how much devastation has occured in Haiti.

Yet, where has the world been for the past few years? As the country tumbles further and further into abject poverty.

All of a sudden this crisis is sexy. All of a sudden we pay attention. We update our facebook statuses saying "Pray for Haiti" or brag about what we are doing to help.

Where has this attention been in the past?

It's like Christmas, when the homeless shelters are flooded with turkeys and hams to give out to the clientele. Not only can these people not cook these donations, but they need help during April, and February, and August.

My thoughts and prayers are with Haiti. My thoughts and prayers are also with Pat Robertson and anyone who agrees with the sentiments of hatred that he has shared with the world. This world is terribly broken. And how tragic that he spoke hate in such a time as this.

By all means, give aid and seek ways to help these people, but as the news reports dwindle (and they already have), remember these people, and all those who struggle in poverty stricken countries such as Haiti.


Jason said...

Thank you for this post.

My blog has similar words tonight, but I also fall victim to the "bandwagon sorrow" that often comes with sickening suffering like this.

We desperately need this challenge to our common humanity. How can we only care when something so mind-numbing happens? Can we simply not take the amount of suffering that happens in the world every single day?

Well, those who see and experience it first-hand can't either. And that's something we must live with. Somehow.

Fritz said...

Well said Rachel. I appreciate you cutting to the chase and stating the case for our indifference so clearly. I'm praying that although I'm sure it will take decades, somehow this is an opportunity to build an infrastructure of human and physical capital that will improve Haiti's situation.
But as you point out,in addition to Haiti's problem, our problem is indifference. It's like your comments about Tiger Woods--we only think about repentance once tragedy strikes. Once we "get caught." Hopefully the Spirit can help us be more pro-active instead of re-active.

Hope all is going well. Any more detailed leanings for next year?

Your cousin,

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