Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama has a potty mouth...sort of.

Throughout this past week, the media has been salivating over the...what shall we call it? Flub? Slip-up? Idiotic antics of Kanye West? The fire had not even started smoldering before the media cried "OBAMA CALLS KANYE WEST A JACKASS".

Now, first of all. Let's all take some deep breaths here. Kanye West is hardly worthy of news since he's done things like this before, and at the MTV awards no less. Second of all, is there nothing else newsworthy this week?

I find it interesting that the media got their initial information from a Tweet by ABC's Terry Moran, not the actual horse's mouth. A sort of, he tweeted, she tweeted, but Obama never did tweet, he just was fed up with a twit. Who knew Twitter was so powerful?

So, what's the big deal? Yes, Kanye was a giant jerk for interrupting Taylor Swift (America's newest rated G sweetheart), but why is it that Obama gets sucked into the mix? Trey Ellis calls this an "outburst" , Fox News calls it lashing out, but really, if that's the extent of the President's emotional extreme-ness, that's fine by me.

But why such a big deal? In general, why does language apply so carefully to this president and seems to fly by the wayside when it comes to *cough* others? My answer would be: language is our last stop. For many years the conservative right has held onto the "morality" card as progressive leader after progressive leader illustrated their immorality (not to say they didn't have a few of their own), but it finally seems like we have one who can take the heat. I believe we have a president who is led by his morals, not his hunches, not his future comfort. And that's kind of hard for us to take. We are waiting with bated breath for him to screw up. But I'm not talking about making incorrect political moves, I'm talking about moral moves. We're waiting to see how his family handles the pressure, whether he has a wandering eye, whether he's a flawed individual. And now we have proof that curses. Oh, the HORROR!

I'm not saying that Obama is perfect, by no means. I'm a person of faith, and with that comes the understanding that no one can ever be perfect - some guy who ran around healing people in sandals was the one exception, but his name is escaping me right now. We Bible folk (and I use that term very loosely...and cautiously) say things like "judge not lest ye be judged", and to me that means mind your own business, jackasses. Focus on how Obama is dealing with the country. Not his reaction to an incident on the MTV Video Music Awards. He may screw up some more. He may drop a couple more curses. But it must be getting pretty hard to see the little specks past those large logs.


Ron Hoffman said...

The problem is Obama is expressing what any normal (that would be like me) American would think (and probably say).

I am arrested for breaking into my own house and I am black. Gee. Sounds racist to me.

I grab the microphone in the middle of an acceptance speech and praise someone else (only a jackass would do that).

I guess I am just another child of God, but I would have said the same things.

I think "judge not lest you be judged" is a great starting point for why Obama gets criticized.

Looking forward to more blogs.

SpiritSong said...

You know, sometimes there are benefits to living in the absolute middle of nowhere! Somehow I missed this whole thing... Oh, not the Kanye part, but the part about President Obama. Guess I had to check my kids' homework or drive them to band practice or something like that.

I do, however, remember other presidents and vice-presidents who were given a hard time for their very public mis-speaking. Presidents are good targets for this kind of thing. And I can relate to not being able to express a private opinion in public. It kind of makes me like them better when they do. It makes me think they are human after all. Thanks for getting my attention. Your title drew me in!

Brenda said...

Well said Windy-Wisdom!!!

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