Friday, September 18, 2009

To blog or not to blog?

I have a confession to make: up until this point, I have thought that blogging was lame. I've watched with a sense of impending doom as hoardes of my fellow Gen Xers (or are we Y?) have caved to this new form of communicating. I've wept bitterly as I've seen dear friends of mine emerge from the blog-o-sphere with calloused fingers and squinty eyes, but unfortunately, these tears will stop nothing. The blogging world is here, and it has claimed another, well, at least temporarily.

I am taking a class this semester called "Public Theology" with a professor named Dr. Susan B. Thisthlethwaite at Chicago Theological Seminary, and part of our assignment is to start a blog, and keep it up to date with our thoughts on certain issues relevant to theology and public discourse. I've decided to throw myself completely into this endeavor and want as much feedback as possible from you fine people out there (if there is indeed anyone that would care to read my profound thoughts on issues). There will be weekly posts and possibly bi-weekly ones too (it's for a grade, so you all will know how well I'm doing).

Another assignment I have is to start twittering. Along with my disdain for blogging comes a very sizeable dislike of tweeting. I have tried Twitter out and have found it very self-involved and overwhelming, but I'm going to give it a try again (for the sake of the grade), and hopefully this time it will take. If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my account name is RKWind.

Bear with me, since I'm new at this. Hopefully you'll see an improvement as the semester goes on. And who knows? Maybe I'll continue on after!


beth said...

I'm a friend of Matt's. I had no idea you were such a luddite! Please tell Matt I found the blog. (I emailed him that the link didn't work)
Think of politics are centered in the internet and transmitted through blogs and other online interfaces. Maybe that will help.

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